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Fashion Retailer Upgrades to RFID Labeling through Check-Net from Checkpoint

For its new RFID program, America Today was looking for a supplier that could ensure a seamless transition for its vendors to switch to RFID.

3 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Intelligent Video during COVID-19

Video surveillance can play a vitally important role by providing retailers with visual insights into many different areas of their business.

Caught Red Handed – Twice!

“I don’t know about you, but in my 23 years in LP, I’ve never experienced a situation where the alarm system led to an on-site arrest.”

Newest SuperTag 4 Helps Retailers Maximize Sales, Reduce Shrink

Sensormatic unveiled its next generation, best-in-class SuperTag—the SuperTag 4, with the highest level of anti-theft protection to date.

3xLOGIC Launches the VIGIL Video Solutions in EMEA

The VIGIL suite of video solutions is designed to provide a scalable security solution that’s tailored to every business need.

Eyes Wide Open: Knowing a Thief Just Walked in Is Doable but Complicated

As a controversial tool in a particularly controversial time in society, facial recognition seems to have hit a pause in retail LP.

Safeguard Your Frozen Treats with Pint Protectors

Product Protection Solutions Keepsafe™ Pint Protector is designed to protect the most popular frozen shrink items on the market.
IT buy-in

Implementing a Data Analytics System Your IT Department Will Love

This 9-page whitepaper provides seven tips to help loss prevention and operations professionals get IT buy-in.

Zenitel Launches TCIV+ Video Intercom That Empowers the Security Team

Zenitel, a supplier of intelligent critical communication solutions, recently introduced the TCIV+ (Turbine Compact Intercom Video) station.

Two Common Roadblocks to Implementing Total Retail Loss…and How to Resolve Them!

LP professionals may encounter challenges when incorporating Total Retail Loss into their strategy. Here is how to resolve them.
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