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ECR video discussion groups

ECR Video Working Group Monthly Discussion Series Starts July 8th

The ECR Retail Loss Group will host monthly online discussion groups to explore in detail the research findings from its report on video use in retailing.
Advance Auto Parts store

WEBINAR 07-14: Advance Auto AP Team on Retooling During a Pandemic

The Advance Auto team explains how they supported consumers and stores as the pandemic unfolded while implementing a new exception reporting technology.
ThirdEye Labs

Retailers Recognize ThirdEye Labs for Innovation in Asset Protection

A startup that provides real-time AI assistance to detect theft in-stores was the winner of the 2020 Startup Innovation Awards for Asset Protection.

Hanwha’s New 4K AI Cameras Offer Deep Learning Analytics

Utilizing object recognition versus motion detection all but eliminates false alarms while also providing valuable business and operations insight.
Lowes Foods store

ON-DEMAND: New Normal, New Tools – How to Combat Loss with Prescriptive Analytics

Learn how an essential business has leveraged technology and prescriptive analytics to drive insights for a deeper understanding of their business.
AXIS P3715-PLVE Network Camera, a dual-sensor camera

Excellent Overviews and Detailed Coverage Helps Cover Every Angle

AXIS P3715-PLVE Network Camera is a dual-sensor camera designed for excellent wide angle overviews and zoomed-in detailed coverage.
mobile video

ON-DEMAND: The Use of Video Technology in Retailing

Groundbreaking research from Adrian Beck and the ECR Retail Loss Group on how retailers use video CCTV and the prospects they see for video analytics.
LPM Podcast

RILA RTech Startup Innovation Award 2020 | Ep. 26

On this podcast, four cutting-edge technology finalists present their asset protection solutions and one will be voted the award-winning startup.
Inventory Quarentine software

Automate Returns Safely with Inventory Quarantine from Checkpoint

In response to questions about the handling of returns in fitting rooms, stores, and fulfillment centers, Checkpoint has announced a new software solution.
remote monitoring audit

5 Ways Remote Video Audits Can Help Retailers During COVID-19

A video surveillance system with remote auditing can not only allow you to view stores but drill down to investigate certain areas of your business.

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