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John Velke

John Velke is a more than 40-year veteran of retail loss prevention currently serving as the VP of loss prevention and safety for Total Wine & More. He is the author of two nonfiction books, The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency and the recently released textbook Prove ‘Em Innocent: The Art & Science of Workplace Investigations. He can be reached at jvelke (at) proveeminnocent (dot) com.

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The ABCs of Investigating Theft in the Workplace

Employee Theft

The ABCs of Investigating Theft in the Workplace

Few core competencies are as important to senior loss prevention executives as a proficiency in theft investigations. Whether it is knowing when to initiate an investigation, how to proceed with an investigation, or what to do with the investigative findings, most retail companies look to their senior LP executive for expert guidance.

Obviously, developing a proficiency

Legends in LP

Revisiting the Legends in Loss Prevention

Ten years ago I floated the idea of a series of articles called Legends in Loss Prevention to Jack Trlica, managing editor of this magazine. I was approaching my fiftieth birthday and realized that those who had pioneered the retail loss prevention field were not getting any younger. I felt