EyeOnLP: Meeting with McDonald’s at RLPSA 2015

In preparation for the upcoming RLPSA conference (July 24-27 in San Antonio), we’re sharing EyeOnLP’s interview with key security experts from McDonald’s from last year’s event. In this video, Tammy Lier hears from Jennifer Schaefer and Daniel Thomas, regional security managers for McDonald’s, as well as Octavio Jara, LPC, director of US Security for McDonald’s. Over 15,000 locations and 27 million visitors per day…You do the math!

Check out a past article, “Risk Management and Loss Prevention in the Quick-Service Restaurant Environment” for more on McDonald’s security program. The July-August 2016 issue of LP Magazine also includes an interview with Rob Holm, senior director of safety and security for the US Operations of McDonald’s USA.


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