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The Retail Industry Continues to Chase Amazon

Amazon’s long shadow is falling on the entire retail industry and retailers previously thought to be immune to the threat of ecommerce. U.S. fund managers are even rethinking their approach to consumer stocks by focusing on companies whose businesses cannot be upended by the ecommerce giant. Amazon.com Inc., once thought   Read More

Building A New Data Security Defense Team

As technology draws us deeper into a new age of business enterprise, we are continuously bombarded with waves of challenges and opportunities involving those with malicious intentions. Data security attacks come at us from every direction as the ingenuity of these criminal minds seek new and creative ways to infiltrate   Read More

What Is a Loss Prevention Manager?

What is a loss prevention manager? What might appear to be a fairly simple question now requires a much more complicated answer in a new age of retail where roles and responsibilities are changing on a regular and consistent basis.
A Common Misperception
To the average consumer, a loss prevention manager is   Read More

ASDA’s Fresh Approach to Grocery Loss Prevention

Most parents understand the narrative of “bringing up baby”—the tiny first steps that, with nurturing and encouragement, turn into giant strides as the infant learns independence. When the parent is a retail behemoth with a reputation for uniformity, it is fair to assume that an old-school “one-size-fits-all” approach would become   Read More

Arresting an Organized Retail Theft Ring: 7 Tips for Law Enforcement

While some of the tools of organized retail crime and methods of operation continue to evolve with the changes in technology and dynamics of the retail environment, the importance of cooperative partnerships between loss prevention and law enforcement teams remains a key factor in resolving organized retail theft ring incidents   Read More