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How to Profit from Your Loss Prevention Strategy

Analytics and retail: a match made for success. Yet the one mistake retailers make is investing in outdated, exception-based, long-form reporting tools. Prescriptive analytics is one solution that saves retailers valuable time and resources by picking up on irregular patterns. It’s no surprise that Gartner predicts the market will reach   Read More

The EU’s Offensive on Organized Crime Educates on the Dangers of Identity Theft, Tax Fraud, Counterfeiting

In 2015, the EU launched an educational offensive to explain the dangers of organized crime – what it is and how to tackle it – to millions of citizens.

Using a short film on its website – http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/organized-crime-and-human-trafficking/index_en.htm – the EU highlights the fact that organized crime is a threat to   Read More

Emotional Factors in Crisis Management

We often talk about business continuity in practical, pragmatic terms. But it’s important to remember that when a crisis hits a company, no matter how well prepared that company is, emotions will run high.

A fire at a company location, a violent incident or a weather catastrophe that hits multiple stores   Read More

Drug Diversion: Preventing Retail Pharmacy Theft

As loss prevention professionals, we are all familiar with the nuts and bolts of running an investigation for a concealed shortage, cash register shortage, or a robbery. We have become the subject-matter experts with regard to merchandise or cash losses as well as developing an expanded role in safety.

One area   Read More