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“Russian Language” Cyber-Crime Growing at an Alarming Rate

The Russian-language cyber-crime market is growing at an alarming rate, according to a new report released by Kaspersky Labs.

According to the report, Russian Financial Cyber-Crime: How It Works, by Kaspersky’s chief investigator, Ruslan Stoyanov, law enforcement teams from around the world have arrested over 160 Russian-speaking cyber-criminals since 2012. However, “Russian-language   Read More

Young Men the Biggest Risk Group for Identity Fraud

While incidents of identity fraud and other incidents involving organized retail crime continue to thrive and increase every year, we must also keep in perspective that this is an international problem; and our peers “across the pond” are just as involved in overcoming these issues. The following article appeared in   Read More

A Practical Guide to Online Fraud Investigations

Criminals use many online venues to sell stolen merchandise. eBay strives to be the Internet industry leader in online fraud investigations in the effort to combat occurrences through our Global Asset Protection team that effectively partners with over 300 retailers to proactively identify and remove stolen property listed on our   Read More