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Retail Data Analytics and LP

We find ourselves living in a time when nearly every decision we make is recorded. Where we drive, what we buy–all this data is collected somewhere. We permit it in the vague hope that somebody on the other end is being responsible with our information.

The loss prevention industry is now   Read More

Interview and Interrogation Training: Taking Notes

This week’s International Association of Interviewers interview and interrogation training tip provided by Wicklander-Zulawski, has Dave Thompson, CFI, discussing the importance of taking notes during an interview or interrogation.

Obviously, recording what happens during an interview or interrogation is extremely important to make sure you can substantiate what was said and   Read More

Shopping Mall Security and LP

Shopping mall security is not a replacement for retail loss prevention programs. Mall security and LP have supporting missions, but they’re different missions.

A diagram of the ideal exchange of information and ideas wouldn’t look like a triangle, with shopping mall security, retail loss prevention, and local police at the three   Read More

The State of E-commerce in Canada

Compared to the United States and some other countries around the world, Canadian shoppers have been slower to adopt online shopping. As of 2013 (the most recent year of verified statistics), only 13 percent of Canadian businesses were selling online. But other statistics show that Canadians are more than willing   Read More