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How to Improve Your Retail Security Culture

A survey by LPM/SDR finds that 29.4 percent of US retailers use a general security committee—comprised of representatives from several departments or functional areas—to occasionally meet and discuss operational security issues, challenges, and solutions. The use of security committees is somewhat more common in other industries, 38.8 percent, according to   Read More

Counterfeit Goods and Trademark Enforcement

According to statistics from the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC), the total value of intellectual property (IP) rights-related seizures was about $1.22 billion in 2014. Leading IP abuse investigators predicted that the estimated value of cross-border trade in counterfeit goods and pirated physical products would reach nearly $1.77 trillion in 2015,   Read More

Real-World Lessons from Hostage Situations

Late in August, on a trendy stretch of one of America’s most iconic streets—King St. in Charleston, SC—a fired dishwasher returned to the restaurant where he had worked and shot and killed a former coworker. Announcing, “There’s a new boss in town,” he took another person hostage for several hours   Read More