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4 Ways You Can Transform Retail Loss Prevention Training

Prior to 2012, Bloomingdale’s was doing what most retail organizations do when it comes to retail loss prevention training and safety education—relying on a number of standard approaches like posters, classroom training, huddles, and pre-shift morning rallies. But these approaches just weren’t working.

As I contemplated this situation, I realized we   Read More

Surviving Retail Mergers and Acquisitions

As you read this, you may be feeling pretty secure in your job, but beware—it might all change tomorrow. Retail mergers and acquisitions have been known to leave behind “a string of security executive bodies,” according to security job placement specialist Jerry Brennan.

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The Numbers Problem

For decades, demographers and workforce planners have been anticipating a transformation in the workforce, a trend that the team at RainmakerThinking calls The Great Generational Shift. For more than 20 years, Rainmaker Thinking has been tracking this process as it reshapes what it means to have a job and go   Read More