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Shrinkage remains a huge problem for retailers. Yet the traditional lock-and-key setup is often a source of inconvenience for staff and an eyesore for customers. What other choice is there?

Senseon Secure Access Control remedies both problems. Senseon is an electronic locking system designed to protect retailers’ merchandise.

Each Senseon kit includes e-lock, slides, central hub, RFID reader, and all essential accessories, including cables and keycards. Simple, right? That simplicity extends to Senseon’s many benefits to you:


A Compact Design
Senseon electronic locks are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, measuring a couple inches in height and less than half an inch thick. This compact design makes installation easier and keeps your drawer’s security discreet. Don’t let the small size fool you: A Senseon e-lock can withstand as much as 250 lbs. of break-force.
Works into Your Design
Worried about messy wires and complicated installation? Senseon systems are embedded within your cabinetry, making them completely out-of-view. Each Senseon kit is simple enough that you don’t even need an electrician to install!
Keyless and Convenient
Do away with the old, hassle-laden lock & key. A simple tap of a Senseon-tagged keycard and your drawer is unlocked. Each reader secures up to 15 cabinet-level entries and as many as 100 users.
Don’t like keycards? Then go with a fob or even a wristband. Senseon gives you plenty of options.
High turnover? Still not a problem: A manager can add or delete an employee’s keycard access in a matter of minutes.
A Solution You Can Rely On
Even with their strength, Senseon e-locks consume little energy. In case power ever goes out, Senseon e-locks will remain in the state you left them.
Discover how Senseon Secure Access Control can help bring your business into the 21st century!
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