Checkpoint Systems Hosts 2019 National Source Tagging Conference

Annual event brings together retailers, product manufacturers, and solution providers to discuss the latest innovations in source tagging

The latest in source tagging trends and technology and robust discussions on recent developments in asset protection and product management were on full display at the corporate offices of Checkpoint Systems this past week as retailers, product manufacturers, and solution providers came together for the 2019 National Source Tagging Conference.

Hosted on May 23rd from the Checkpoint corporate campus in Thorofare, New Jersey just outside of Philadelphia, this annual event underscores the value of bringing together industry partners to discuss current trends across the product protection landscape, review recent developments in innovation, share ideas, and build the momentum that supports creative solutions.

Finding technology solutions that best serve the needs of the retail industry is a much more complicated process than most might choose to believe. For many of us our thoughts move to the minds of those in lab coats and the engineers that create the various products that make our lives easier. And while that might be true to a large extent, that’s simply not enough to bring it all together—to successfully create solutions that get the job done.

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Technology is much more than developing the widgets that drive our past, present, and future. By definition, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It is the branch of science that deals with the interrelation of knowledge with life, society, and the environment to solve problems, apply ideas, and develop useful tools that move us forward and make our lives better. In other words, a widget is only valuable if it has a true purpose. Further, we can’t maximize that value unless we truly understand the need and how it will be used in real-world situations.

That’s what makes events like the National Source Tagging Conference so important. Learning isn’t something that’s simply offered by the presenters—it’s something that’s reciprocated by the audience. By bringing together retailers, product manufacturers, and solution providers to discuss the best and most effective ways to address product protection, we exponentially increase our odds of success.

Thursday’s events provided an entire day of presentations focused on sharing information on the practical application of source tagging retail products, reaching well beyond what products should be protected and where the tags should be applied. After opening remarks and a vision for “Innovating for the Future and Beyond” from Eric McNaul, vice president for North American with Checkpoint Systems the day featured a series of case studies, retail trends, brand studies, research projects, and a panel discussion on “Strategies for Developing a Successful Program.” Discussions included the latest in EAS and RFID technology, product placement and packaging, and organized retail crime. There was also a compelling discussion on how source tagging technology can be used as an effective tool as part of current ORC investigations.

Bringing together compelling topics, different perspectives, and fresh ideas, these events open doors for real and meaningful discussions. For those in the field that wonder whether their thoughts and ideas can make a difference, you would be encouraged to know that loss prevention leadership is sharing your ideas and concerns, top product manufacturers are on board, and our solution provider partners are listening.

After an open discussion session, the day ended with a conference recap with Frank Panebianco, vice president of sales with Checkpoint Systems. Attendees were then invited to tour the Checkpoint Customer Experience Center to see the latest in product innovations.

Our thanks to Checkpoint Systems for hosting the event, the presenters that shared their insights and led the various discussions, and the many attendees that actively participated in the conference presentations.

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