Video Footage Shows Shoplifter Chased by Police on Horses in New Mexico

On March 30 in New Mexico, law enforcement utilized the full force of horseback pursuit to capture a shoplifter outside a Walgreens.

Bodycam footage from Albuquerque police captures a scene where a dark brown horse briskly moves through a parking lot trailing a man clad in black attire.

Within moments, the horse closes the gap.

As the man continues, he attempts to deflect blame, yelling, “It wasn’t me,” while leading both the horse and the pursuing officer into the street, halting traffic.

The situation escalates when two additional police officers on horseback arrive, closing around the suspect. One officer dismounts and proceeds to handcuff the individual.

The Albuquerque Police Department reports that the suspect faces charges for allegedly stealing merchandise worth $230 from the Walgreens.


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