The International Association of Interviewers Celebrates 10 Years of Elite Training Days

Myrtle Beach hosts this year’s event on October 11th–12th.

With the Fourth of July already in the rearview, this summer is flying by. While we want to squeeze every possible last drop from summer, there is a lot to look forward to this fall. We are not referring to campfires, Halloween, and cooler temperatures (although all those things are amazing) we’re talking about the International Association of Interviewers annual in-person conference, Elite Training Days (ETD)! While every ETD is unique, this year is different. Why? Because this year we celebrate the milestone achievement of ten years of Elite Training Days. You read that right, this will be the tenth annual ETD and it feels like we are just getting started.

The goal of ETD has always been to provide an unrivaled opportunity for investigative interviewing professionals to network with their peers, learn from one another, and to position themselves to take the knowledge gained and make a direct, positive impact within their respective organizations. Over the last ten years, these contributions have seen compounding effects. Every individual who has experienced ETD has left with knowledge they have used to educate their peers and make a meaningful impact to the evolution of the industry.

This year we are building off the momentum of our successful 10-year ETD lineage and creating an event that will live up to the standard of being ELITE. The conference will be taking place at the BEACH of all places, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, on October 11-12, 2022, and will be co-sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Police Department!

We have top-notch networking opportunities lined up and some of the best minds in the industry scheduled to speak. We have extended the conference from a day-and-a-half to a full two-day line-up and added a second networking event, the Premiere Social, to finish off Day 2 of the conference. In standard ETD fashion, we have sourced subject matter experts who will challenge the way you approach your role and will arm you with the knowledge and confidence needed to impact real change within your organizations. Some of the key learning objectives from the event will be:

  • Learn the value, strategies, and impact of conducting open-source investigations.
  • Learn from a retired 4-star Admiral on how applied leadership principals can positively influence the outcome of any scenario.
  • Gain insight from a seasoned internal affairs federal agent on the tactics of interviewing trained interviewers.
  • Follow along with a retired police commissioner through an immersive case-study experience and learn the non-confrontational interview strategies used when preparing for any high stakes interview.
  • Explore the strategies of relying on non-confrontational, rapport-based techniques to manage difficult conversations.
  • Learn from a subject matter expert why juveniles are considered “vulnerable subjects” and how common misconceptions surrounding their ability to process information can have a direct impact on the outcome of an investigative interview.
  • Understand how universal principals rooted in emotional intelligence can positively impact the quality of information obtained during an investigative interview.

Whether you work in law enforcement, asset protection, human resources, fraud investigations, corporate investigations, academia, or the mental health field—ETD has something for you. We specifically tailor the event to be diverse in its appeal with the intention of attracting experts from all fields and getting them under one roof to share their knowledge and build meaningful, career long connections.

ETD 2022 will also be bringing back the Wicklander Zulawski & Associates (WZ) Masterclass to kick off the event on October 10, 2022. This will be the 4th Masterclass and is slated to be a full day of intense, hands-on learning led by WZ President, Dave Thompson, CFI and IAI Executive Director, Tony Paixão, CFI, CFE. Masterclass attendees can expect to be challenged on their investigative interviewing prowess by applying their knowledge in an evolving “real time” investigation that will unfold throughout the training. New evidence introduced will challenge the attendees’ strategies and force the groups to work together to develop the best approach possible to yield a successful interview. This will be the first of its kind event and will be the perfect lead-in to an incredible ETD conference!

Not a member of IAI? You don’t need to be! This event is open to the public and we welcome all professionals to join in on the experience. Visit us here for more information and to get registered.

Be sure to use the promo code LPM2ETD to get 15% your registration. Hurry – the promotion only lasts through July 31, 2022!

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