Sensormatic Solutions Announces New Shrink Analyzer App

Sensormatic Solutions is releasing a new addition to its loss prevention solutions suite—a cloud-based SaaS Shrink Analyzer application. The app is an inventory platform agnostic purpose-built to support retailers as they develop smarter, more effective LP programs, reduce out of stocks, and enhance store operations. 

“Shrink Analyzer highlights the ‘what,’ ‘where’ and ‘when’ of loss events, allowing users to take a proactive approach in the battle against organized retail crime, fraud, and other drivers of shrink,” said Craig Szklany, vice president and product general manager of loss prevention and liability at Sensormatic Solutions. “This tool ushers in a new era of shrink visibility, using RFID technology and exception-based exit monitoring to provide retailers insights into their operations.”

Shrink Analyzer serves as the advanced data engine for a connected LP ecosystem, ingesting, aggregating, and analyzing item-level inventory and data from Sensormatic RFID exits to provide a clear line of sight to losses in stores. The solution’s analytic capabilities help retailers combat rising theft, empowering LP teams with evidence packages to improve prosecution efforts. Shrink Analyzer shows retailers the true financial impact of theft, fraud, and other drivers of loss, helping prioritize their responses by focusing on strategies that have an immediate impact.

Sensormatic Solutions’ newest LP application uses RFID technology, cloud-based analytics and electronic product code (EPC) data to:

  • Highlight at-risk items and ORC activity: Shrink Analyzer’s analytics help LP teams differentiate between ORC bulk and incidental theft events providing insights into shrink anomalies and evolving patterns or trends.
  • Pinpoint vulnerable areas and displays: Shrink Analyzer synthesizes data from throughout store systems to provide item-level reports including video evidence on when and where RFID tagged merchandise goes missing. This data helps alert LP teams to gaps in security that may leave merchandise exposed.
  • Increase asset protection team productivity: Shrink Analyzer is designed for use by retailer investigative teams to help easily and quickly bundle theft event digital evidence for use in potential prosecution against ORC groups.
  • Optimize other areas of operations: By combining EPC exit data with other retail systems sources, its analytics capabilities help reduce out-of-stocks and drive replenishment. The solution also supports data exports to third-party case management systems to improve workflow efficiency.

To learn more about the ways Shrink Analyzer can provide retailers with better visibility amid rising ORC, click here. 

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