Webinar on the Future of AI and LP Available On-Demand Now

Smart surveillance, AI-powered theft deterrence, exception reporting on steroids, and more! Register now to watch this LPM webinar on-demand and learn how the latest tech innovations are transforming the battleground of retail loss prevention.

AI is not just changing the game but setting a new standard in safeguarding retail stores, products, and workers. Want to know what’s coming next? Join LP Magazine, Amit Kumar from Dragonfruit AI, Vishal Patel from Appriss Retail, and Perkins COIE LLP Attorneys Nicola Menaldo and Justin Potesta to learn all about AI, and how to properly make the most of it in the retail setting. Register to watch on-demand now.

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Nicola Menaldo

Nicola Menaldo with Perkins COIE LLP defends and provides counsel to technology and retail clients on a wide range of issues central to their business needs, including privacy and data security, marketing, biometrics, scraping and web crawling, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. Drawing on her subject matter experience, Nicola regularly defends clients in privacy class actions that involve novel privacy and technology issues. Recognizing that the best litigation advice is to avoid claims in the first place, Nicola also helps clients with product counseling and compliance advice informed by her litigation experience.

Justin Potesta

Justin Potesta with Perkins COIE LLP provides counsel to and defends clients on a wide range of privacy issues related to emerging technologies. Justin works with clients to assess and develop privacy compliance programs relating to emerging technologies, primarily in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and computer vision. Justin has worked with various clients providing facial and voice recognition, data analytics, and generative AI solutions. He has extensive knowledge on biometric privacy issues.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar, founder and CEO of Dragonfruit AI, is at the helm of redefining retail through cutting-edge AI. Dragonfruit is his third successful venture in the tech arena. Previously, he founded Trimian, a smart contacts app which garnered backing from Spark Capital and Greylock Partners before being acquired by NerdWallet. He also created Lexity, an e-commerce app platform later acquired by Yahoo! With an impressive 19 patents to his name, many of which were awarded while creating the Dragonfruit platform, Amit exemplifies relentless innovation. His forte lies in unraveling complex business challenges, crafting solutions that address today’s enterprise needs while preempting tomorrow’s hurdles.

Vishal Patel

Dr. Vishal Patel is the chief technology officer for Appriss Retail. In this role he is responsible for all engineering and data functions, building and supporting the product suite, and helping bring new products to market that better serve Appriss Retail’s customers. He has more than a decade of software and machine learning experience working with a variety of different technology stacks, database solutions, and cloud providers. Previously, as the director of data science R&D for Appriss, he was responsible for building and deploying data application and ML models for retail customers as well as customers of Appriss Health (now Bamboo Health) and Appriss Insights (now Equifax).




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