Police Say Dine and Dash Turns into Hit and Run

Oak Forest Police in Illinois are searching for several men who struck two pedestrians with their cars and crashed into another car driven by a teenage girl before fleeing in stolen cars outside of Beggar’s Pizza. The pedestrian, an employee of Beggar’s Pizza, told police five men ordered numerous food items and left the restaurant without paying their $55 tab. Some of them men got into a black Audi and the others entered a white BMW.

The 21-year-old employee followed them outside and stood in front of the BMW to stop them from leaving. The driver of the BMW instead drove forward and the employee jumped on the hood of the car to avoid being struck. The car continued to accelerate and while attempting to exit the parking lot onto Cicero Avenue, then hit a car driven by a 16-year-old Oak Forest girl, causing the employee to be thrown from the hood of the BMW and the girl’s car to spin around until it was facing the opposite direction. The BMW then fled north on Cicero Avenue. The employee was treated for leg lacerations by paramedics at the scene. The girl was also treated in scene by paramedics due to her car’s air-bag deploying.

A second Beggar’s employee, who was off-duty but had been dining in the restaurant at the time, told police the men in the black Audi had struck him in the leg in the parking lot as they fled the lot after he also followed them outside. The second employee was also treated at the scene. The BMW’s license plate, which fell off the car during the crash, came back registered to a 2008 BMW that had been reported stolen. The waitress who had served the men and also followed them outside gave police the Audi’s plate number, which also came back as stolen. The five men were described as being in their late teens but complete descriptions were not available.   [Source: Chicago Tribune]

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