Nike Files Lawsuit Against Social Media Influencer for Allegedly Endorsing Counterfeit Products

Nike has recently filed a trademark lawsuit against social media influencers Nicholas Tuinenberg and Eben “Cedaz” Fox for allegedly promoting counterfeit Nike merchandise.

According to Nike’s legal documentation, the preliminary statement says: “Defendant Nicholas C. Tuinenberg is a social media influencer and content creator known for his collection, sale, promotion and reviews of counterfeit products (which he calls “rep” or “replica”) luxury fashion goods, including counterfeit Nike-branded products. Tuinenberg openly and notoriously wields his online influence to promote and peddle counterfeit goods to tens of thousands of social media users across multiple platform.”

The legal action underscores occasions when Fox publicly showcased imitation Nike sneakers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, generating unauthorized profits from the promotion. Notably, a YouTube video depicts Fox swapping a $15 counterfeit pair for an authentic product at a Nike store, accumulating 620,000 views.

The lawsuit highlights Fox’s management of a Discord community, functioning as a marketplace for procuring imitation Nike sneakers from international sources. Nike asserts that Fox collaborated with counterfeiters and service providers such as PandaBuy, a shipping platform, to enhance the promotion of counterfeit products. Fox is additionally implicated as a co-owner of, purportedly aiding in the sale of numerous fake Nike products facilitated by PandaBuy.

Divide the Youth is Tuinenberg’s “streetwear” company where he sells and promotes counterfeit products.

Nike alleges that Fox engages in deceptive practices on social media, branding him as a “troll” for sharing content that portrays him wearing fake Nike shoes at public events with the intent to mislead others.

In its legal documentation, Nike is pursuing a court order to prohibit Fox and his associates from participating in the production, transportation, promotion, advertising, and sale of counterfeit Nike products. The company is also seeking damages and associated costs, with the goal of obtaining three times the amount specified in the lawsuit.

Nike is initiating legal proceedings to safeguard its brand and suppress the endorsement of counterfeit products by Eben “Cedaz” Fox, underscoring the significance of upholding the integrity of its products in the market.

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