New Remote Monitoring Video Solution That Doesn’t Require a DVR on Location

Prosegur USA, a global security provider, announced a new cloud-based surveillance video solution for small systems of up to four cameras that does not require a digital video recorder (DVR) to be installed on-location. The new service is aimed at companies that need to quickly deploy video monitoring at remote sites with minimal hardware cost.

Mike Dunn

“Our hosted video solution records video directly into our cloud, removing the need to have a separate piece of hardware for storing video locally,” said Mike Dunn, Prosegur USA’s chief technology officer. “This reduces both the installation and maintenance costs. Additionally, the video stream from the cameras does not have to travel through corporate VPN or local networks, so it avoids burdening the company network with video traffic or creating any additional network vulnerabilities.”

David Crow

“We initially developed this solution to help our clients with PCI compliance,” said David Crow, Prosegur USA’s senior vice president of commercial development. “Among the set of rules in the PCI standard is the requirement to have video surveillance in any server room that holds credit card data, and to keep the recorded video footage for 90 days. Installing a traditional CCTV setup for just one camera in a room where there’s nothing going on for long periods of time gets expensive and cumbersome. Hence our solution that relies on just the camera.”

Digital Partners

According to Dunn and Crow, Prosegur USA’s hosted video solution has applications beyond server rooms and can be used in any location where just a handful of cameras need to be deployed quickly and inexpensively. Additionally, the system can be combined with the company’s monitoring service where the footage, including any analytics-triggered alarms, can be monitored by Prosegur USA’s command center 24 hours a day.

More information about the hosted video solution can be obtained by calling (800) 939-4995 or by emailing

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