Luxury Retailer Sues More Than Three Dozen Web Sites over Counterfeit Products

Gucci is ready to send a message to all the websites that are selling products that look “virtually identical” to the real deal. According to WWD, Gucci is suing more than three dozen websites that are selling knock-off items like shoes, accessories, and clothes.

In their lawsuit which was filed on Thursday in a Flordia Federal Court, they say that the websites are essentially black market sellers who are registered in the US and overseas.

“The exponential growth of counterfeiting over the Internet has created an environment that requires companies, such as Gucci, to file a large number of lawsuits, often it later turns out, against the same individuals and groups, in order to protect both consumers and itself from the ill effects of confusion and the erosion of the goodwill associated with the Gucci brand,” the company said in the suit.

Gucci is looking to spend “significant monetary resources” to stop the selling of counterfeit items and has reportedly asked for $2 million for each counterfeit item the web sites sold. Along with the hefty price request, Gucci has filed for restraining orders and injunctions to block the companies from selling alleged counterfeit Gucci products… Hollywood Unlocked

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