High-End Handbag Heist; Over $40K Stolen

designer wallet bag counterfeit

Bellevue, Washington, police are looking for two robbers who threatened a Nordstrom employee and stole hand-bags worth tens of thousands of dollars. The high-end heist happened in broad daylight Monday around 10:30 AM.

Police said the two women knew exactly what they wanted when they walked into Nordstrom in Bellevue Square and snatched at least 10 high-end handbags worth $4,000 to $6,000 each.

Investigators say the robbers somehow compromised the security alarms on the handbags. That alerted a clerk. But when the clerk approached the two women, one of the robbers threatened her with pepper spray and she backed off. Police said the robbers took the bags and ran.

“It’s very brazen that they went in and right in front of everyone started compromising the security on these bags,” said Meeghan Black with the Bellevue Police Department. “So, we have a very dangerous situation. They knew what they were doing, they were very quick and they had a getaway car. We want these suspects off the streets…” KOMO4 News

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