EyeOnLP: ORC Management and Successful Civil Recovery

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Providing retailers an opportunity for their interests to be represented in ORC cases is exactly what The Zellman Group is after with its new ORC recovery program. Through the program, the first of its kind in the industry, retailers get help building strong cases and navigating the complex judicial environment to finally start getting back what they’re owed.

Watch and listen as EyeOnLP digs into the backstory of The Zellman Group and why, after 18 years, the company has decided to focus on ORC recovery. Stuart Levine, president and CEO of The Zellman Group elaborates:

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“Our newest endeavor is organized retail crime recovery,” said Levine. “We were seeing larger cases from some of our retailers… and they had different elements that we hadn’t seen before. The federal government, Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, Secret Service, were involved in the prosecuting of the cases, which was very different than local law enforcement, and also the dollar amounts [differed greatly]. So we used our 40 years of experience as a litigation law firm, along with our professionals in loss prevention, to come up with a different approach for these cases.”

Watch the video to learn what differentiates The Zellman Group from other civil recovery organizations and hear from Bill Ramos, director of ORC recovery at The Zellman Group, about how ORC cases are reviewed and tailored to individual clients.

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