Cyberfraud and the Growing Threat of Organized Retail Crime

It’s not just individuals who are worried about phishing attacks and other forms of cyberfraud. Businesses are also increasingly worried and are looking for better ways of protecting themselves.

It wasn’t that long ago when the term “script kiddies” was coined to describe individuals who thought they were unskilled in computer programming, they could nevertheless utilize and modify scripts and programs developed by others to try and hack into computer and networks or deface websites. As an aside in case you’re interested, a good source of information concerning the origin of the term “script kiddie” is this YouTube video created by the site LiveOverflow which showcases free IT security videos developed by cybersecurity professionals.

Today, however, hacking has almost become its own industry, with players ranging from nation-state actors to gangs of organized criminals selectively targeting different parts of the retail sector. For example… TechGenix

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