ClickIt: Virtual Lineup™

ClickIt’s Virtual Lineup™ brings to market a patented, game-changing way of assigning unique anonymous Tracking IDs to individuals as they enter your store. The Tracking ID stays with the individual for the duration of their visit and the same anonymous Tracking ID is assigned upon subsequent visits. In fact once an individual is assigned a unique Tracking ID it remains with them and will be reported upon when they enter any other store in your chain.

Combining these Tracking IDs with ClickIt’s VMS, metadata is gathered about an individual’s activities. The metadata is stored locally on the stores ClickIt VMS and sent to the retailer’s headquarters to be stored on their ClickIt Central Management System. With Virtual Lineup, retailers will be able to report on duration, frequency, and stores visited.

Imagine…. ability to uniquely identify individuals that enter your stores.

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Imagine…. once an individual is assigned an anonymous Tracking ID and is classified as a person of interest, if that individual enters any store within the chain a real time alert can be generated based on a quick correlation with metadata stored locally or at the retailers Central Management System.

Imagine.… ability to measure and record individual’s activities such as duration of visits, frequency of visits and stores visited.

Imagine…. Alarming either locally or remote if a person of interest enters any of your stores.

Imagine.… reporting on how many times an individual activated EAS.

Come visit with us at booth 314 so we may discuss this game-changing technology. Visit ClickIt’s website to learn more.

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