BurgerBusters Rolls Out Envysion to 140-plus Locations to Crack Down on Theft and Improve Operating Efficiency

Operator of fast casual burger alternative chain chooses Envysion Restaurant Solution to synchronize loss prevention and risk management across a five-state region

One of the largest Taco Bell franchise operations in the United States, BurgerBusters Inc., announced its full adoption of the Envysion Restaurant Suite to standardize and bolster its loss prevention and risk management practices across the organization.

The owner and operator of 147 freestanding and combination Taco Bell locations in a five-state region is replacing the outdated analog surveillance system it had previously relied on to prevent loss from theft, fraud, and general business liabilities with an integrated solution from the leader in restaurant loss prevention solutions.

Envysion Restaurant Solution integrates point-of-sale data with rich, multi-angle audio and video, and transaction exception reports into a single convenient, cloud-based platform. BurgerBusters leaders can tie data from its POS and other systems into the video feed and pull up a side-by-side comparison on a single screen for more reliable incident verification and faster resolution times.

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“We inherited a fully-deployed Envysion solution in a few stores we’d acquired through corporate divestiture and had the chance to compare it with the system we were using in our other stores,” says Patrick Bowen, Loss Control Specialist at BurgerBusters. “The difference was unmistakable. Envysion’s solution supports multiple video feeds and features capabilities like a health monitoring system, video/POS tie-in, motion search, video scrubbing, and secure file sharing that reduces our investigation time by hours and enables leaders across the company to keep tabs on everything happening in any location, at any time.”

Envysion software gives district managers and corporate leaders a unique 360-degree perspective of the business, including on-demand access to detailed data and easily searchable video from every location that help quickly identify suspicious activities or unexpected trends that often indicate theft or fraud.

“Restaurants face inherent operational challenges as they expand their footprints and need more advanced tools and strategies to support their Loss Prevention efforts,” says Kevin Milner, director of audit programs at Envysion. “A system like Envysion Restaurant Solution leverages the close relationship between data and video in ways other products can’t. It creates an unrivaled level of insight for business leaders, equipping them with richer, more detailed intelligence from every corner of their operation than they’ve ever had to help them root out underlying causes of loss from theft or fraud and uncover previously hidden opportunities for operational improvement.”

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