Building Public-Private Partnerships to Defeat ORC in Post-COVID Retail | Ep. 27

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Retailers are facing a new wave of challenges as many return to business following the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. One is an expected surge of organized retail crime (ORC) activity as retailers open their doors and return to business. Law enforcement agencies are facing their own quandaries as they forage through a sea of criminal activity while balancing order, protection, and safety. The courts and criminal justice system are immersed in a backlog of cases, further complicating current response and future legislation. In this podcast, our panel of experts from both retail and law enforcement discuss what it takes to build key public-private relationships to combat ORC.


Jamie Bourne is currently an ORC manager for Home Depot, covering parts of the Southern and Western divisions. He grew up in Tulsa and is a graduate of Oklahoma University. Bourne has nearly 31 years of retail experience, the last 5-plus years leading ORC teams across the Western US. Prior to Depot, Jamie spent 18 years in various AP positions at Target.

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Nathan Bandaries works for Albertsons leading their ORC program as well as the distribution and manufacturing centers in the Denver division. Bandaries has 27 years of retail LP experience, 15 at Albertsons. He has also held LP positions with Family Dollar, Sports Authority, Home Depot, and Kmart.

Christopher Walden, CFE is an 18-year law enforcement veteran currently employed as a supervisory special agent with the Utah Attorney General’s office. Walden has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration, and a master’s degree in business administration. He is also a certified fraud examiner.

Officer Matthew Johnson has been with the Allen (TX) Police Department since 2007 and has been in the Street Crimes Unit investigating special crimes since the unit’s inception in 2012. The Allen Street Crimes unit is a plain clothes unit assigned major crimes, burglaries, and organized retail theft.

Detective Billy Moon is a 20-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department currently assigned to the detective bureau ORC where he has investigated hundreds of federal, state, and local cases including the A-Z and Playboy Gangster Crips. Moon has worked federal cases that resulted in the arrest and convictions of more than 100 suspects with total case values approaching $100 million.

Don Murphy has a combined 20 years of law enforcement and corporate investigative experience with expertise in areas such as street gangs, transnational gangs, narcotics, anti-money laundering, cargo theft, advanced interview/interrogation, and ORC. Murphy holds certifications from California Peace Officer Standards and Training, ASIS International, and Wicklander-Zulawski. He is currently a corporate investigator for the Southwest Region of Home Depot covering North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and New Mexico.

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