Body Cameras: What’s Their Role in the LP Toolkit?

Incidents of abuse, aggression, and even violence are being experienced by retail professionals more frequently than ever. Alongside other preventative and reactive solutions, technology is coming to the forefront as a way of tackling this growing epidemic.

In this webinar we’re joined by two seasoned loss prevention professionals: Keith Aubele, ex-Walmart and Home Depot loss prevention leadership who has started to see the benefits of body cameras in US retail applications; and Dave Pardoe, head of profit protection at The Works, a large retailer in the UK with over 500 stores nationwide, who is using body cameras to combat violence and abuse with impressive results.

Together with your LPM host and Jack Ashton from Reveal as the technology expert, this panel discussion will go into the different user cases, the benefits, and how to successfully navigate the potential challenges you may face when implementing body cameras. Please join us for this webinar from LPM on May 22 at 1 p.m. ET.

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