Your Ticket to Safety: OSHA Considerations


Businesses must keep in mind that safety is more than just a ‘buzz’ word.  In fact, safety is critical to the well-being of employees, your bottom line, and the overall brand image of your company.

The RLPSA recognizes the need for vigilance in safety and safety practices; and more specifically how it relates to the restaurant and food service industry. One of the General Sessions for the upcoming 2015 RLPSA Annual Conference will be “A Ticket to Safety – What You Need to Know about Your Safety Programs.” The session is being spearheaded by Mike Keeler, Head of Safety at Bloomin’ Brands and Linda Zaziski, Safety Director; National Operations at Little Caesar’s Enterprises.  Together, they will offer insight into the changing landscape of responsibilities and legalities related to workplace safety.  Through real-life examples, they will provide proven ways to develop a safety presence in your company with tips on program implementation in order to maintain a strong safety culture.   

Some topics to be covered will include:

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  • How is the safety mindset similar (yet different) than that of loss prevention?
  • What are some ways to identify hazards and correct issues while complying with regulation?
  • How can incurred cost injuries be reduced?
  • How can you more fully understand OSHA’s process of inspections, hearings and abatements? 

OSHA – Courting a lasting friendship

OSHA’s mission is to “assure…every working man and woman in our country has safe and healthful working conditions.” OSHA puts employee health and safety concerns above all else…. and this is a good thing.

Compliance with OSHA standards prevent hazards, decrease employee grievances and shows internal/external stakeholders that your company really cares. Ultimately, by showing your willingness to protect employees your culture of safety will add to your brand image while building a pattern for long-term success. 

Areas of concern for the food service industry that you might want to think about: 

  • Your place of business. Are all fire exits and electrical panels maintained clear and accessible?  , Are first aid kits available and maintained?  Are fire extinguishers available, charged and properly inspected/tagged? Do you have emergency procedures in place for fire, weather conditions, injury response? Do all locations have the required OSHA postings and written safety procedures? 
  • Your employees. Have you provided the necessary training for all new and existing employees? Are all employees aware of the company’s health and safety procedures? Keep in mind that it only takes one employee who does not “know” or has not received training to become injured and/or cited by OSHA for lack of training. 
  • Your daily duties.  Do you have a daily checklist to identify hazards?  Are your managers’ lack of attention to hazards, safe practices and behavior sabotaging your safety effectiveness?  Are employees wearing required personal protective equipment?   Are safety procedures being observed by every employee?
  • Your routine responsibilities. Is equipment inspected and repairs documented?   Have you conducted a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)?  Are you using a Find It/Fix It strategy? Are floors and work areas kept clean, orderly, and dry? Are YOU “inspection ready”?   

It’s up to you to ensure a safe workplace

Diligence in these areas can reduce the number of on-site accidents, injuries, and OSHA citations. But above all, it is an ethical responsibility to ensure a safe and healthful place of business for our employees and customers.

If you want to learn from the experts up-close and personal, plan to attend the 2015 RLPSA Annual Conference, August 2-5 in Las Vegas and on be sure to take in the session: A Ticket to Safety – What You Need to Know about Your Safety Programs.  For more information about the conference and session topics go to

We hope to see you in Vegas!

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