Why a Loss Prevention Professional with a Master’s Degree Chose to Be Certified

Jennifer Schaefer, LPC is a regional security manager for McDonald’s with a master’s degree in criminal justice leadership. Why would she feel the need to add the LPC certification to her resume? “After graduate school, I cross compared and analyzed the next education chapter in my professional journey. I always knew the Loss Prevention Foundation had certifications that could be incorporated into my career path and portfolio.I reviewed the LPC and found it was the additional layering and concentration I needed for my current industry. Since I believe in the value of continued education, it was an easy choice,” she explained in the Certification column of the January-February 2016 issue.

Also in the latest issue, Executive Editor Jim Lee, LPC, looks back at the past fifteen years of publishing LP Magazine in his Parting Words column. He looks at the many things that have changed in the retail industry over that time, as well as some of those things that remain the same. Read what he has to say and see if you agree or not.

Other columns in the issue include:
– “I Don’t Remember” by David Zulawski, CFI, CFE, and Shane Sturman, CFI, CPP
– “What Is Big Data?” by Tom Meehan, CFI
– “How eBay Works with Law Enforcement” by Dave DiSilva
– “Loss Prevention Leaders Must Win” by Read Hayes, PhD, CPP
– “Cargo Theft and Its Impact on the Retail Community” by Maurizio Scrofani, CCSP, LPC
– “How Will Retail Respond to a New Wave of Cyber Crime” by Jacque Brittain, LPC

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