Retail Investigations Taking up Your Time? Transform The Way You Manage Video Requests

Do you share information with law enforcement to improve safety in your community? Video is a valuable tool to help investigators review events and solve crimes, except these requests can be time-consuming and put a strain on your loss prevention and physical security resources.

Reduce the Costs of Sharing Evidence
Genetec Clearance™ simplifies the video request process and improves collaboration between you and public safety agencies. With Clearance, you can allow authorized users to quickly identify and request the video of interest from your cameras.

Webinar Details
November 6, 2019 at 2:00 PM EDT

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Erick Ceresato, Product Manager at Genetec, will present the latest technology that can help improve collaboration with law enforcement and reduce the costs of managing video request.

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Erick Ceresato, Product Manager @Genetec
Erick joined Genetec in 2012 and oversees the vision and product strategy for Genetec Clearance™. Working in close collaboration with customers, Erick is responsible for identifying new technology trends that can help customers overcome their obstacles and establish new ideas into product roadmaps.


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