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As cyber criminals continue to evolve their tactics, it is imperative that businesses become more vigilant to combat cyber attacks.

Watch the on-demand webinar “Anatomy of a Cyberattack,” as the panel of cyber experts dissect recent cyberattacks that brought businesses to their knees globally. The webinar also provides a roadmap for navigating potential future attacks and how to reduce your business’ exposure. (Duration: 60 minutes)

You’ll learn:

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  • Practical guidance about the types of cyber attacks on the horizon.
  • The latest cybersecurity regulations
  • What pitfalls to avoid in the wake of an attack

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William E Ridgway

William E. Ridgway

Attorney at Law, Skadden

William E. Ridgway is a former federal prosecutor and experienced trial and appellate lawyer whose practice focuses on cybersecurity and data privacy matters, white collar crime and intellectual property litigation.

Prior to joining Skadden, Ridgway was an Assistant US Attorney in the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, where he served as the Deputy Chief of the National Security and Cybercrimes Section.


Special Agent Eric Brelsford

Special Agent Eric Brelsford

Criminal Computer Intrusion Squad

FBI Special Agent Eric Brelsford has 14 years of experience with the FBI specializing in cybercrime investigations. Agent Brelsford has been the lead investigator on a variety of cyber investigations including data breaches, cyber extortion, financial account takeover, malware distribution, botnet operations, and denial of service attacks.

Prior to joining the FBI, Agent Brelsford worked in the private sector performing computer & information security consulting.

This post was originally published in 2017 and was updated December 21, 2017.

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