WATCH: Grab-and-Run Theft Hits Apple Store Again; Good Samaritan Assaulted

The recent spate of Apple Store robberies has continued, as five men stole iPhones and iPads valued at $29,000 from an Apple Store in Southern California this week. The robbery took place on Monday night, when the hoodie-wearing men walked into the store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Orange County. They quickly began ripping display items out of the display tables, before fleeing the location.

The incident took place 20 minutes prior to the store’s 9pm closing time. The thieves, who were described as being African-American men in their early-to-mid twenties, fled in a silver Infiniti sedan. As they were leaving the store, they attacked a man who tried to impede their progress. One of the gang is seen kicking the individual, an off-duty officer, as he lies on the ground. The crime is being viewed as a burglary because the suspects didn’t show any weapons, and there were no serious injuries. Anyone with information should call the Costa Mesa Detective Bureau on 714.754.5637. (Video: Costa Mesa Police Department)   [Source: Cult of Mac]

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