Video: Shoplifter Beaten By Police; City Pays $325K

Fort Collins paid $325,000 to a woman who was thrown to the ground, beaten and Tasered by city police officers because she was suspected of shoplifted. The city settled the case before Natasha Patnode and her attorney, David Lane, filed a lawsuit. The settlement was reached February 13 and the check was delivered Tuesday, Lane said. Patnode was arrested by former Fort Collins police officer Todd Hopkins on March 29 on suspicion of shoplifting. “It was just some clothing,” Lane said.

Surveillance video showed Hopkins threw Patnode to the ground, punched her multiple times in the side while she was on the ground and struck her repeatedly with a baton while trying to handcuff her. Throughout the beating, Patnode remained on the floor in a curled position.

Five minutes after Hopkins first took Patnode to the ground, a second officer arrived on the scene. His body camera footage showed both officers yelling at Patnode to give them her second arm, which was beneath her body. Patnode said she would give it to them but couldn’t because Hopkins was sitting on her head. The second officer then Tased Patnode twice in the back… The Denver Post

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