VIDEO: Smash-and-Grab Burglary of a Pot Shop; Burglars Still on the Loose

Detectives in Everett, Washington, are looking for a crew of burglars who smashed their way into the Marijuana Club 99 store. Surveillance video shows the first suspect run up to the business with a sledgehammer and a plastic tub, wailing away on the door. The other four thieves run up and join him, bursting into the business and filling up bags and containers with marijuana and whatever else they could get their hands on.

It happened in the early morning hours of October 30. Deputies arrived moments later and barely missed the robbers. “The one thing that we were thankful for is they didn’t smash all of our cabinets,” store manager Christopher Vincent said. “A bright side to a negative situation, but it is what it is.”

Vincent says the store is planning to add additional surveillance cameras at eye level and to reinforce the door even more than it already was. The theft and damage cost the store… Q13 Fox News

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