Video: $46,000 Worth of Devices Stolen from Cellphone Store, Police Searching for Suspect

Police in Tyler, Texas, say more than $46,000 worth of merchandise was stolen during a break-in at a Sprint store.The burglary occurred about 12:45 a.m. on April 4 at the Sprint Store.

According to District Manager Michael McHughs, the person used a key to get into the store. McHughs said at this time they’re unsure of how the person obtained a key and that all the keys to the store are accounted for.

During the theft, video shows the suspect moving the surveillance cameras in the store.According to a police report, merchandise taken during the theft includes Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, an iPad, an iWatch, a Gear S4 and $1,709.67 in cash… KLTV7 News

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