USS Unveils New Apparel Return Fraud Solution

USS has recently unveiled their latest development to combat apparel return fraud, the Disposable Anti-Wardrobing Tag.

Wardrobing, a form of retail return fraud and shoplifting, is a practice used by customers through which a high value article of clothing is purchased with the intent of wearing it for one, or few, occasions and subsequently returning the item to the retailer for a full refund.

USS’ Disposable Anti-Wardrobing Tag curbs the losses and frustration incurred by this popular method by attaching the highly visible tag to areas of garments where they are difficult, if not impossible, to conceal or hide, such as the neckline. The device remains on the clothing after the point of sale, during which customers are informed that merchandise protected by the tag cannot be returned once the tag has been removed.

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Each of these new, cost-effective solutions feature an optional plastic lanyard to prevent puncturing delicate materials and are an ideal choice for protecting a wide variety of high-end fashion products including apparel, handbags, footwear, and outerwear, as well as source tagging uses.

The Disposable Anti-Wardrobing Tag’s applications are not limited to wardrobing return fraud; the instantly recognizable tag can similarly be used as a foil for counterfeit and fraudulent returns from organized retail crime (ORC) fencing operations. Implementation of the tag on higher price point items also prevents scenarios where an article is purchased for a lower price from a discount retailer and returned to a chain for an increased refund, resulting in loss.