Trio Use Stolen Credit Cards in $110K Cruise Ship Shopping Spree

Three men were arrested Monday after racking up more than $110,000 in charges on stolen credit cards while on board Carnival Cruise Line’s Victory ship, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, upon arrival in Miami, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents discovered that Myrick Rucker Jr., 26, of Antioch, California, had a bench warrant. Police said agents were escorting Rucker to a secondary search location at Port Miami when he tried to throw away a Rolex watch. Authorities said Rucker told agents the watch wasn’t his when they spotted him trying to get rid of it.

According to the arrest report, agents soon learned Rucker had used three different credit cards on the ship to make more than $25,000 in purchases. CBP officers requested that Carnival employees research the purchases and it was confirmed that all purchases made by Rucker, including the Rolex, had been reported as fraudulent by the true account holders, authorities said.

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Police said Carnival employees also discovered that more than $29,000 in purchases made by Sheldon Johnson, 28, of Antioch, California, and more than $58,000 in purchases made by Marquise Ingram, 28, of San Bruno, California, were also made with stolen credit card numbers. The US Secret Service was contacted about… ABC10 News

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