‘These Aren’t My Pants;’ Police Find Stolen Merchandise Stuffed In Shoplifting Suspect’s Pants

According to police, officers were called to the pharmacy the day after Christmas for a “shoplifting in progress call.” The suspect was quickly taken into custody and found to have $100 worth of stolen merchandise. Many of the items were removed from their original packaging, and the security label on one of the items was destroyed.

Police say the suspect first told them that they had actually intended to pay for the items before leaving. However, the suspect did not have any money, credit or debit cards. Officers say the suspect then told them that a brother was coming to pay for the items.

In the meantime, police say they also found “a few unknown pills in their front pocket, a glassine baggie containing suspicious white powder in the other pocket and suspected heroin in another pocket.” When questioned about it, police say the suspect told them, “These aren’t my pants.”

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Officers then asked who the pants actually belonged to. When the suspect told them they were “my cousin’s pants,” they asked for that person’s name. The suspect responded, “I don’t know. The person is not really my cousin, more of a friend that’s like a cousin.” The police department says they have a “zero tolerance” policy when it… KDKA2 CBS News

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