The IAI Announces Changes to their Leadership Structure

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is excited to announce changes to its leadership structure as the organization takes a step toward fulfilling its mission and providing value for the industry. The association, founded in 2012 was created to fill a unique niche for the interview and interrogation community, establish a code of ethics, and provide ongoing education and collaboration among individuals whose job responsibilities include interviewing, interrogation and investigations.

Chairman of the Advisory Board
David Zulawski, CFE, CFI has held this position since its inception, serving as a guide to the advisory board and a foundational support to the association. Zulawski, announcing his retirement in January 2021, will pass the torch to Wayne Hoover, CFI and Senior Partner of Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, who will be leaving his post of Executive Director. Hoover will assume responsibilities of the Chairman including writing a column for the CFInsider publication and providing mentorship, guidance and support to the advisory board and leadership team as needed. Regarding this transition, Hoover states, “Dave Zulawski was instrumental in creating the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) designation in 2003 and IAI in 2012. He has been a great mentor and we appreciate all he has done for us and the industry. We wish him the best on his retirement!”

Executive Director
Wayne Hoover, CFI was instrumental in the creation of the Certified Forensic Interviewer examination and later filled the role of Executive Director for IAI, steering the ship for the first decade of its growth. Throughout this time, IAI has managed the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) designation, created and edited the CFInsider Journal that has been published for the last 16 years, hosted annual Elite Training Day events, provided countless educational opportunities to its members, and has grown to be identified as a global, elite institution. Emily Kuhn, Association Manager, continues to play a vital role in the development and brand recognition of IAI while assisting members across the world.

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The association is excited to announce that Tony Paixão, CFE, CFI will be promoted to the role of Executive Director effective January 2021. Paixão, an instructor for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) and Director of Operations for IAI has played a crucial role in the strategic planning and execution of brand initiatives for IAI over the last year. The leadership team of Paixão and Kuhn look to immediately add value for the members of IAI, provide increased opportunities for solution providers and continue to build upon the concepts of educating, networking, and advancement.

Hoover will become the Chairman of the IAI Advisory Board and expressed his excitement for the growth of the association, saying “Tony has proven that he has many unique talents and abilities to take both IAI and the CFI designation to new heights! I am excited to see what Tony and Emily are able to achieve.”
Paixão organized multiple educational events over the last year, implemented a new website alongside Kuhn and has a vision for the growth of the association that will bring an unprecedented value to its members. Dave Thompson, CFI, Partner at WZ shares,“…we couldn’t be more excited to incorporate Tony’s vision into this brand. With our first event in January 2021, bringing academic partners in front of our membership, it truly represents being ‘focused on the science of interviewing’”.

The evolution of this association is also exciting for the CEO of WZ, Shane Sturman, CFI. Sturman shares that “Change is important for the survival of all organizations. This has never been more apparent than during this pandemic where it is imperative that new products, services, and delivery methods are developed to serve all its members and clientele. Tony’s vision, execution and leadership make him ideal to fill the role of Executive Director for IAI and implement the change necessary to take IAI and the CFI designation to the next level and beyond.”

Paixão, excited to carry on the legacy of the association stated, “The mission of IAI since its inception was to be ‘focused on the science of interviewing’. Our intention moving forward is to stay true to that mission. To provide a platform where both practitioners and academics will collectively challenge and develop the techniques of today, with the purpose of evolving and improving the approaches of tomorrow. I look forward to taking the reins with Emily and moving forward into the next chapter for IAI.”

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