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The 2021-2022 LP Hall Solution Provider Innovator of the Year

The Hall exists to recognize, celebrate, and reward those in and around the retail loss prevention industry, honoring achievement and excellence across a variety of categories. It is intended to celebrate the lifetime achievements of industry leaders who have contributed so much to benefit the industry they have served.

They have cut the path for those who have followed. They are leaders of innovation, design, process, and policy. They have led an exemplary career, been a master of mentoring, and they have shared with others to help elevate professionals in loss prevention, enhancing the the industry, giving back, and paying it forward, to those who follow.

Solution Provider Innovator of the Year

This solution provider may have a history of ideas and innovation, or they may be the new kid on the block, but regardless, they have a kick-ass solution and it needs to be recognized. Maybe there is a great back story in the development of the idea through a retail partnership, or maybe this solution provider had the foresight to solve an industry problem and hedged their bet on its success. The Solution Provider – Innovator category is intended to recognize that “something new”, or maybe even that “something amazing” that offers a real contribution to your business, and/or to the industry at large.

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Watch here to learn the 2021-2022 Solution Provider Innovator of the Year:

This Year’s Finalists

The 2021-2022 Finalists for the LP Hall Solution Provider Innovator of the Year include:

Applied Data Corporation (ADC)

In 2021, Applied Data Corporation (ADC), expanded its SaaS-based total store operations platform built for retailers with the acquisition of Pinpoint Software, further enhancing its technology portfolio with the inclusion of Date Check Pro. The acquisition is a highly strategic addition to the ADC portfolio which includes ADC’s fresh item management platform, FreshIQ®, and fulfillment orchestration platform, ShopperKit. The result is a solution that not only reduces food waste and delivers higher sales, but ultimately goes beyond sustainability to a more regenerative approach for retailers.

LP Solutions

I am nominating Applied Data Corporation and the expiration date management product, Date Check Pro. For the last 10 years, the Date Check Pro solution has been helping grocers and other food retailers to prevent expired food loss. In those 10 years there has been over 16 million expired units prevented in total and more than 15,700 items are prevented from loss per day currently, resulting in millions of dollars saved per year. The technology helps grocers proactively sell a higher percentage of soon-to-expire products, better tracking their sustainability impact.

Axis Communications, Inc.

As a leading manufacturer in network cameras and intelligent security solutions, Axis Communications enables a smarter, safer world by creating solutions that improve security and encourage new, creative ways of doing business. Having launched several high-quality products, applications, and accessories throughout 2021, and with more than 3,800 dedicated employees across 50 countries, Axis has solidified itself as a worldwide market leader through continued innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Axis network video solutions can help reduce theft and fraud, as well as act as a deterrent to protect customers and staff from violence – but it doesn’t end there. By combining Axis hardware with video analytics, retailers can reduce queuing times, perfect store layouts, allocate staff efficiently, and, ultimately, increase profits. Retailers can even use surveillance equipment as a tool for creating a welcoming environment to attract visitors and inspire employees. Additionally, by combining Axis hardware with third-party applications from trusted partners, retailers can improve security, reduce shrinkage, and increase operational efficiency even further.

- Digital Partner -

In September 2021, Axis announced the 8th generation of its custom-designed system-on-chip (SoC) made for network video. The ARTPEC-8 SoC was designed first and foremost to create new opportunities for analytics applications based on deep learning on the edge. Axis analytics solutions are adaptable, scalable, and based on open standards, so they’re compatible with all major video management systems. Furthermore, data processing on the edge means less hardware, so scaling up is less complicated and less expensive. Going forward, this new chip will be the basis for the vast majority of Axis network video products, providing superior imaging, enhanced security, and powerful compression for end users. By implementing Axis products with the most advanced SoC on the market, retailers can enable even more innovative security and business intelligence features, safeguarding staff, customers, and merchandise all while harnessing powerful edge analytics to gather actionable insights that will improve their bottom line.

Axis also worked on a number of partner initiatives in 2021, helping clients and partners leverage existing security technologies for new, innovative use cases during the pandemic. This includes working with retailers like RC Willey, a home furnishings company with stores in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and California, to enhance loss prevention efforts and enable business intelligence with a full portfolio of Axis products including video, audio, and analytics technologies. From a loss prevention standpoint, since deploying AXIS Perimeter Defender and Axis horn speakers at its Las Vegas distribution center, RC Willey’s theft and vandalism expenses have dropped from $40-$50K a year to zero and they’ve saved $100K a year on private security. This has also had a positive impact on logistics and customer satisfaction since deliveries are no longer delayed due to vandalism.

Jason Bier, CEO, Treuth

Treuth’s sophisticated platform serves as a collaborative communications system that indexes incident reports in real time. The technology allows continuous communication and promotes secure intelligence sharing between its network of retailers and law enforcement spanning the state. Treuth has proven effective at removing criminal anonymity and aiding in investigations through the visibility provided to its network of users.

In working with Jason there is no question that he is personally committed to delivering upon Treuth’s mission-to help streamline agile communications and intelligence to service the loss prevention industry and law enforcement. In addition to the services provided on a complimentary basis to ORCAs, Treuth also has a very compelling social mission. Treuth provides its software to help missing and exploited children, uses its technology to confront violence against women and children, and expands the use of free technology that helps alert the public during natural disasters, crimes, and terror.

Throughout 2021, Jason and his team at Treuth have led the technical innovations to support the foundation of FORCE, a collaborative effort in law enforcement and retail throughout the state of Florida. In an industry where communication, collaboration, and partnerships are key, Jason has worked tirelessly with stakeholders to streamline services and deliver the best experience to our users. His willingness to go above and beyond in the innovation of the Treuth technology has contributed heavily to the early success of FORCE.

Jason is an exemplary innovator and an excellent partner to our organization, and to many others. He is passionate about the service he provides, and his contributions have paved the way for a true impact on retail crime.

Phil Collins, President, Firstline Alerts a division of AMI strategic solutions, Inc.

Mr. Collins is a security professional and published author with 30+ years of experience in security, safety, and loss prevention. Mr. Collins developed Firstline Alert, a new tool designed to assist in the fight against threats, violence, theft and attacks in businesses, schools, churches and places of worship. The application is a unique combination of QR code technology and instant mobile alert notification that helps businesses by assisting in a wide variety of issues – to include addressing potential violent/shooter threats in any and all private and public spaces; run of the mill theft; general store safety concerns; as well as the ORC and gang issues we are seeing in our industry today. The uses of the application toward loss prevention, threat and early/emergency warning, as well as the partnership between customer and businesses are significant. No system or program will stop all criminal aggression, however adding additional methodologies, technology, teaching and equipping others, can increase the chance of stopping acts of violence and crime before it begins.

The Firstline Alert software and app is designed as a proactive tool that comes with a client specific security code for use by designated individuals and has a customizable platform for an organization that can be setup in minutes. Through an innovative use of QR code communication, organizations, businesses, schools, churches, or places of worship will have their own mobile security alert system designed to fit their location, community dynamic and/or operation. The Firstline Alert system has been instrumental in saving lives by identifying potential threats and stopping those threats before they carry out their plan. The app has given many added confidence and a greater sense of security in knowing that their company, organization, or place of worship has taken steps in providing a more secure and safe place to work, learn and worship. Based on the development of this brand new innovative use of what is otherwise simple QR code technology, I believe Phil Collins is a worthy nominee for Solution Provider Innovator of the year.

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