The Team at LifeRaft Answers the Question: So What Do You Do? | Ep. 52

“So What Do You Do?” is a special series from LPM Podcasts that is essentially like a virtual version of the conversation one would have at a trade show when they walk up to a new vendor and ask them to explain what they do. In this first edition, join LPM’s Kevin McMenimen and special co-host Rhett Asher, president of the International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO), as they learn about LifeRaft and how the company provides actionable intelligence to protect people and assets. A mix of a bit of business and some fun, the So What Do You Do? podcast is more than shop talk. The hosts take a look at the personality behind the brand and get to know the people who make the company function. In this discussion with LifeRaft, you’ll meet their CSO (Chief Sniffing Officer) and discover the correlation between LifeRaft and lobster. Its not what you might think. Sit back and enjoy this entertaining first edition of So What Do You Do? and learn more! Listen to the podcast above or watch the video version below.


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