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LP Insider’s Top Five Shoplifting and ORC Articles of 2016

Does Concealment = Shoplifting? In most states, intent is the driving factor in determining whether to charge a shoplifter. It is a common misbelief among shoplifters...

LP Insider’s Top Five Professional Development Articles of 2016

Changing Roles and Challenges Inside Home Depot Loss Prevention A discussion on professional development and career growth. Stacie Bearden is the director of asset protection, field...

Are Thefts by Senior Citizens Rivaling Juvenile Shoplifting?

For many years, the stereotype of the amateur shoplifter has been a juvenile shoplifting offender pilfering candy, makeup, and other minor items from retail...

Securing the Luxury Retail Market from Rodeo Drive to Madison Avenue (Protection 1)

All retailers are susceptible to losses due to theft and fraud, but maybe none as much as the luxury-branded retailer. Its high-priced, highly desirable...
loss prevention at Home Depot

Attendees Discuss Safety and Loss Prevention at Home Depot Supply Chain Conference

LP Magazine was pleased to be invited to attend the 2016 Home Depot Supply Chain conference held at the Store Support Center in Atlanta...

Seventh Annual Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (C.L.E.A.R.) Conference

In today’s world, quality training and partnerships between law enforcement and retail loss prevention is essential in combatting the ever changing landscape of Organized...
Racial Profiling in retail stores

Fighting Racial Profiling through Policy and Information

“There are very few African-American men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department...

Changing Roles and Challenges Inside Home Depot Loss Prevention

Stacie Bearden is the director of asset protection, field for The Home Depot. In this role, she is responsible for the theft and fraud...
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Ongoing Contributions from LP Professionals

One of the “secrets” of the success of this magazine from the beginning has been the contributions of so many loss prevention professionals. Fifteen...
shoplifting laws

Is the Rise of Organized Retail Crime a Product of Soft Sentencing?

During a panel discussion on organized retail crime (ORC), the panel discussed current ORC issues, legislation, coalitions, online sales of stolen property, and industry...
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