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The ‘Free Band Gang’s Multi-Million Dollar Credit Card Scheme

Two Macomb County men and an Oakland County man in Michigan are accused of participating in a theft ring that rang up millions of...

Feds on the Hunt for 8 Gangsters in Multimillion-Dollar Scam

Swipe by swipe, they got rich at Walmart registers. Eight traveling gang members stole millions of dollars, authorities say, by using cloned credit cards...

News Roundup: February 29, 2016

  • Suspected Shoplifter Bloodied by Police Officer
  • Man Arrested on 147 Counts Related to ID Theft
  • Police Recover 50 Counterfeit Credit Cards
  • Career Criminal Goes on Shoplifting Spree
  • Sears Cuts 250 Workers
  • Apple Facing Additional U.S. Demands
  • Macy’s Employee Steals $5,000
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