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The best loss prevention jobs include a wide variety of tasks. The retail loss prevention field offers a wide spectrum of career options and a tremendous potential for professional growth that makes this industry one of the hidden treasures of the occupational market place. Many are attracted to the industry by the excitement of investigations while having an active role in executing the company’s initiatives and fulfilling its goals.

The responsibilities of today’s loss prevention professional goes well beyond the expected physical security, internal theft resolution, shoplifting and retail shrink, to now include safety and risk, organized retail crime, fraud, data protection, crisis management, business continuity, supply chain integrity, mobile technology, e-commerce, and workplace violence to name a few.

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Today’s LP professional is both teacher and trainer, one who drives ideas and influences the business while building programs, monitoring compliance and managing the loss prevention function in the ever changing landscape of the retail industry. Today’s LP professionals have the ability to impact millions of dollars in bottom line profitability of the world’s largest retailers while mentoring, guiding and developing tomorrow’s leaders.

For those seeking the best loss prevention jobs, there are many paths available within the profession. These career paths include:

• Retail loss prevention
• Supply chain loss prevention
• Organized retail crime investigations
• Corporate loss prevention
• E-commerce & financial fraud
• Brand protection
• Risk management
• Safety
• Ethics & compliance
• Internal audit
• Corporate investigations

Among the various types of retail stores, department stores are generally the largest employers of loss prevention officers. The average Loss Prevention Investigator in the United States earns approximately $14.45 per hour. Earnings sit near $10.70 per hour on the lower side but can approach $19.87 on the higher side. Annual pay ranges from $30,712 to $70,104.

Rosamaria Sostilio, Senior Vice President of Asset Protection at Saks Incorporated and Vice Chair of the National Retail Federation’s LP Advisory Council, says, “Loss prevention professionals are becoming more engrained in the retail business and companies are realizing the talent that’s out there. LP touches almost every part of the business, so the more business savvy you are, the more interested you are in learning about your own company, the farther you can go into a senior officer position, not just in LP, but in other areas from HR to operations.”

Job Interview Preparation for a Winning Approach

Job Interview Preparation for a Winning Approach

Countless elements go into building a successful loss prevention career. We evolve through a series of self-discoveries as the many features that make up who we are unfold through foresight and occasionally blind ambition as we forge the pieces into the image of leadership that we share with the professional world.

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