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LPM at Walmart’s AP National Meeting

LPM was on site with the EyeonLP team at Walmart’s 2016 AP National Meeting from August 30–September 1 at the Springdale Convention Center in...

CJ Denton, CFI promoted to Senior Director of Loss Prevention at Hermès of Paris

CJ Denton, CFI was recently promoted to Senior Director of Loss Prevention with New York based Hermès of Paris. CJ joined Hermes of Paris...

Paul Chrisman, CFI, CPP, PCI Named Senior Manager I, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance...

Paul Chrisman, CFI, CPP, PCI has been named Senior Manager I, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance for Walmart. Paul most recently served as a...

People First, Mission Always: Macy’s Supply Chain Asset Protection in Action

LPM had the honor to be invited once again to the annual supply chain asset protection conference for Macy’s Logistics and Operations (MLO). This...

Great Technology with Great Partnerships (Instakey Security Systems)

In 2015, Under Armour, a rapidly growing sports clothing and accessory company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, established a partnership with InstaKey Security Systems to...

Certification Benefits Both Retail and Non-Retail Segments

Zuzana Crawford, LPC, currently serves as a senior investigator on the PayPal Global Asset Protection team. She is responsible for investigations into possible criminal...
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Helping Loss Prevention Professionals in a Time of Need

In late 2012, Luis Jhon, a Walmart asset protection professional, lost this life while trying to confront a shoplifter. This event struck a nerve...

Gaining the Edge at Best Buy’s Annual AP Meeting

The annual Best Buy Asset Protection team meeting was held this year in San Antonio, Texas. The team had a very productive week establishing...

Helping Loss Prevention Professionals in Their Time of Need

Over the years, our profession has always been generous in raising funds for many meaningful charities. But have we done everything we could to...

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