Suspects Arrested Trying to Jump Start Dead Battery in Getaway Car

Two theft suspects were arrested in the Clackamas Promenade parking lot while trying to get a jump start for their getaway car, according to deputies.

Clackamas County deputies responded to Kohl’s at 3:30 p.m. November 30. A loss-prevention officer reported seeing a man running out of the story carrying stolen merchandise. A second suspect was then seen next to a car.

When the first suspect reached the car, it appeared the suspects realized the battery was dead, according to deputies. Investigators said the suspects then began asking other people in the parking lot for a jump start for their car. When deputies arrived, the suspects had their car’s hood up and they were still trying to get a jump.

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Raymond Allen Stavig, 41, of Molalla, and Derek Richard Benjamin Shurts, 27, of Clackamas, were taken into custody.

Deputies said Shurts stole the items from the store, and was also carrying counterfeit bills in his pocket. Additional items recovered from the car were bags of clothing from other stores, several laptops and phones, multiple credit cards with different names, a magnetic card reader and writer, thumb drives, Oregon ID cards, more counterfeit bills, as well as methamphetamine and cocaine, according to deputies…   Fox12 News


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