Suspected Thieves Fight off LP Associates [Viral Video]

The Charlotte, North Carolina, Walmart Superstore off Independence Boulevard is huge.  Hundreds and hundreds walk through the front doors each day. But when one woman in a red bandana and a cart full of stuff tried to leave without paying, a loss prevention associate was seen on surveillance chasing her down. “It was something she was doing that kind of tipped off loss prevention,” said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.  “They see her at some point just before she goes out of the store.” From an overhead surveillance shot, we can see what happened next.

The loss prevention associate got in front of the cart and wanted to see the woman’s receipt.  But she couldn’t produce one. Immediately, she grabs merchandise from her shopping cart, first a box, then a bag.  They struggle over that bag of something.”She has a variety of things, she has some bedding material, she has some tools and she has some food.”

With all that going on, another LP associate shows up and stations herself at the door. Then something odd involving another woman riding a shopping scooter, who attempts to help the first suspect in a struggle that has intensified.

“The woman on the scooter grabs one of the loss prevention associates and scoots her out of the way to try to help this other woman get out of the store.” As the struggle then turns into a real fight, we can see the first Walmart LP associate who has wrestled the bag of merchandise away, but this larger woman wants it badly.  When the second associate joins the ruckus, a fist goes flying. “She’s physically fighting with these two loss prevention associates and one of them is actually punched in the face by this individual.”  The fight is still not over.  The woman from the scooter is now rushing back to help.

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Police say both women started cursing and spitting on the Walmart LP associates, even throwing fruit on the ground in front of customers.  In the end, the officers gave up trying to stop them. “After the struggle, they decided it wasn’t worth it and ended up letting her go.” After all that violence, the woman got away with $150 worth of merchandise. Police say she is heavyset at 175 pounds, and estimated age is 37-years-old. She drove away in an older gray Honda Accord with tinted windows. Call Crime Stoppers at 704.334.1600 and you won’t have to struggle for a reward.    [Source: WBTV3 News]

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