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When combating shrink, it’s important for retailers to pursue common-sense solutions in their stores. Many loss prevention products in the market today keep merchandise under lock and key (closed system), which can decrease sales by as much as 38 percent. Also, many loss prevention products are limited in functionality. This is where Southern Imperial’s patented SONR System comes into play.

The SONR System, an Intelligent Loss Prevention solution, uses an open system design to draw associate attention to activity while allowing shoppers to remove and replace product without assistance from store personnel. Moreover, the SONR System is a multi-tiered security solution that allows retailers to control the level of security for individual products and situations.

Its basic level of security starts with the SONR Hook and Echo Box. Merchandise removed from the hook, by raising the attached label holder, triggers the initial response. Once raised, a warning beep is emitted to alert store personnel that there is activity in the area. The Echo Box, which is installed up to fifteen to twenty feet away, will mimic all warning beeps on the floor to alert store associates to the activity. For the second tier of security, the Echo Box can also be set to alarm if the SONR Hook is lifted for too long or cycled too often in a short time span. Finally, for retailers requiring an additional tier of security, the SONR System can link into existing security and communication systems to suit store needs.

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Placing merchandise behind lock and key can have as dramatic of an impact on sales as product theft. The SONR System provides retailers with a viable solution for displaying valuable items without losing them to shrink. It keeps product visible, accessible, and most importantly, shoppable.

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