Solving Today’s LP Challenges and Understanding Tomorrow’s Shopper | Ep. 56

In the video management software world, companies face problems like tech debt and staying up to date with the latest technology for their systems. Tech debt reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing a limited solution now instead of using an approach that may provide a better runway for growth and adoption. Concurrently, many retailers live in a world where they continually replace DVR technology with DVR technology because it is the path of least resistance with IT, operations, or the user base.

In this podcast, Padma Duvvuri from Dragonfruit AI and Grant Cowan with Salient explore how retailers can have a single interface for video today to pull everything together and then layer on business intelligence with the cameras already in place to start understanding tomorrow’s evolving shopper. By starting with the proper foundation and framework with Salient and Dragonfruit AI, retailers can set their companies up for future success in this rapidly changing world without having to disrupt today’s critical loss prevention and asset protection digital investigations.

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