Solutions Snapshot: AFA Protective Systems

Solution providers offer a wide spectrum of mission-critical products and services designed to help meet the rising demands of the asset protection function and the retail business in general. We use these resources to increase efficiencies, improve performance, enhance productivity, support safety, lower costs, and discourage theft.

By the same respect, our vendors can offer much more than simply providing mission-critical products and services. They have become an extension of our team and partners in the success of our department, our program and our company. They work with us to find solutions to both the simple and complex challenges we face on a daily basis. These relationships have become an essential factor in the success of today’s loss prevention programs, and it is more important than ever that we effectively manage all aspects of our vendor relationships—from selecting the right vendor to achieving optimal results that best meet our business objectives.

Founded in 1873, AFA Protective Systems provides innovative, reliable fire and security systems solutions to customers to protect their property and businesses. To this day they remain an industry leader specializing in the design, installation and service of burglar alarm, fire alarm and video surveillance systems.

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AFA’s National Accounts Division delivers specialized levels of support to retail chain accounts. Built on a deep commitment to develop and grow meaningful relationships with long-term customers, a partnership approach allows for practical and cost-effective solutions for installing, monitoring, servicing and inspecting fire and security systems.

At the heart of their service offering is AFA’s UL-listed and FM-approved central station monitoring facilities. AFA’s central station services utilize advanced technology including web-based tools to help customers better manage their accounts. AFA’s central stations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by phone, website, or email.

Committed to delivering superior levels of customer service and specialized support to retail chain accounts, AFA’s mission is to provide:

Thoughtful and Innovative Fire and Security Systems. Fire safety and security solutions require the thoughtful approach of a partner who understands that property or business. By getting to know you and your unique needs, AFA strives to provide the right solutions for installing, monitoring, servicing and inspecting your fire and security system by finding the right technology, best approach, and best solution to help you ensure your most valuable assets are fully protected.

System Independence with Unmatched Support. Quality fire and security systems are only as reliable as the aptitude and support behind them. AFA provides equipment from leading manufacturers rather than proprietary systems because they believe the independence to choose the right system and the right service partner leads to a better, simpler service experience. Their expertise installing, monitoring, servicing and inspecting fire and security systems provide the unmatched support you deserve.

Exceptional Service, Responsiveness and Attention to Detail. For fire and security protection, genuine peace of mind comes from trusting in the service you receive and knowing that everything has been checked and rechecked. AFA takes pride in tireless follow-through and follow-up on details with clients and partners, delivering exceptional service with prompt and forthright responses so you know that your people and assets are protected.

A Heritage of Experience and History of Meaningful Relationships. AFA’s heritage as the nation’s first Central Station fire alarm company is a great source of pride. But what’s most important are the long-term relationships that have been built with clients, partners and employees over the decades. History and relationships matter. It’s the difference between being a number in a computer and having a long-time personal contact you can take at their word. It’s the stability and reliability that comes with over 140 years of experience protecting and serving clients.

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The global reach of the retail world drives us to stay current in all aspects of the business. It takes a diverse and collective effort to accomplish our goals and objectives, expanding our knowledge and our resources when necessary in order to accomplish critical tasks and improve results. We must carry the ability to continually upgrade our knowledge and skill sets, building a professional plan that drives us forward to meet the changing needs of our current position—and the one after that.

We encourage you to take the steps to learn more about our solution provider partners and improve your awareness regarding the products and services available to support the loss prevention industry. The time spent reviewing these brief summaries can add new perspective to the products and services that help shape our industry, and long-term value to your career development.

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