Shoplifting Mom Gets Compassionate Surprise from Arresting Officer

A Palm Beach County deputy was called to handle a shoplifter at the local Publix supermarket and realized that her theft was one of need for baby out of desperation. As America continues going through an economic crisis like never before and people are taking desperate measures to survive the pandemic and care for their families. Publix wanted to file charges and have the shoplifter arrested.

“The suspect, a young mother named Alicia, got out of the store and made it home before our Street Team Deputy Thomas San Filippo located her,” the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Alicia had stolen two boxes of diapers, sippy bottles, two toy cars, and a doll. She explained to us that she has been down on her luck and recently had to move in with her mom. She can no longer afford supplies for her baby so she attempted to steal them. Unfortunately, Publix wanted to press charges and she had to be arrested.”

However, once the paperwork was completed, Deputy San Filippo brought the property back to Publix, got in line, purchased the supplies Alicia had stolen, and brought it back to her for her baby! The woman was thankful and wrote a letter to the department.

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“Hey! it’s Alicia, I wanted to contact you and tell you THANK YOU!!!! You’re the nicest person I have meant in so long,” she wrote. “I can’t express my gratitude enough for your kindness. I was sitting down and just so happened to look at the bag and couldn’t believe you got the baby cars. That was incredible! I hope your life is filled with only blessings. You give me hope there’s still humanity in this world. Your wife is a lucky woman.. SO GRATEFUL…”   Shore News Network

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