Shoplifter Fatally Shot after Dragging Two Deputies While Fleeing

Photo by DodgertonSkillhause (Morguefile)

Two deputies in California  who responded to a shoplifting call in the parking lot of a thrift shop became entangled inside an open car door and were dragged by the car at least 20 feet, prompting gunfire that killed the driver Wednesday, authorities said.

The first shots were fired after the two deputies became trapped between an open car door and the driver’s-side seat of the BMW sport-utility vehicle that 41-year-old Charles Ballard was driving, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said Thursday. Ballard put the BMW in reverse with the deputies trapped as he tried to make his getaway with a woman in the passenger seat, he said.

The Sheriff’s Office did not identify any of the deputies but Kelly said they are “well-respected veterans with outstanding character and integrity that’s been recognized by our agency.” He added that the agency plans to release the body camera images at a later time. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office will conduct a separate investigation into the shooting. Anyone with information should call the sheriff’s office at 510.667.3600.   [Source: East Bay Times]

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