Security Chief Accused of Bribing Sheriff’s Office for Concealed Gun Permits

A grand jury in Santa Clara, California, issued an indictment on Monday accusing Apple’s chief security officer, Thomas Moyer, of offering bribes to secure concealed carry permits for Apple employees.

Moyer allegedly promised to donate 200 iPads worth $70,000 to the Sheriff’s Office in exchange for four concealed weapons (CCW) permits “withheld from Apple employees,” according to a press release from the Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

″Tom Moyer is innocent of the charges filed against him. He did nothing wrong and has acted with the highest integrity throughout his career. We have no doubt he will be acquitted at trial,” Moyer’s lawyer Ed Swanson said in a statement to CNBC.

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“We expect all of our employees to conduct themselves with integrity. After learning of the allegations, we conducted a thorough internal investigation and found no wrongdoing,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement.

The charges filed on Monday are part of an investigation dating back to 2019 into whether or not the Santa Clara sheriff uses concealed carry permits to help solicit bribes and political donations. The sheriff’s office covers Cupertino, California, where Apple’s headquarters is located. Moyer has worked at Apple for 14 years and is now its head of global security, his lawyer said on Monday.

The Santa Clara DA said that while state law says that people who receive concealed carry licenses in California need to demonstrate “good cause,” as well as a complete a firearms course and have good moral character, the sheriff has the final say in determining who should qualify.

“Ultimately, this case is about a long, bitter and very public dispute between the Santa Clara County Sheriff and the District Attorney, and Tom is collateral damage to that dispute,” Swanson said in a statement on behalf of Moyer.

The Santa Clara DA alleges that officials in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office, Undersheriff Rick Sung, and Captain James Jensen, were part of a scheme where they solicited bribes in exchange for easier approval of concealed carry permits. An insurance broker with political connections in San Jose was also charged with offering bribes in exchange permits on Monday.

In 2020, an investigation from NBC Bay Area found that donors to the Santa Clara Sheriff’s political campaigns were about 14 times more likely to get a concealed weapons permit than those who didn’t contribute. Sheriff Laurie Smith hasn’t been charged. Previously, four people were charged with conspiracy and bribery in August as a result of the investigation.

The promised donation of the iPads was never fulfilled, according to the Santa Clara DA, because it was scuttled after a search warrant was executed for concealed carry records at the Sheriff’s office in August 2019…  CNBC News

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