Securing Your Business Is Hard–Let Detex Help

Business owners understand the need to protect their inventory, customers, employees, and facilities. Today, more than ever, that need is as important as the business itself. Especially as burglaries and break-ins are on the rise.

Whether your business is a chain of casual restaurants, a group of big-box stores, or a single fashion outlet, life safety and security door hardware is a necessity. Not just for back doors, Detex door hardware is engineered precisely for certain retail situations, but also provides choices for a wide range of functions and costs. Our retail customers are often surprised to learn that we can supply most of their door hardware needs.

Many of our hardware products have been developed specifically for retail applications. These are the solutions to problems that stores, restaurants, and other retailers must address every day, such as loss prevention, access-controlled customer entry, emergency exit control, merchandise deliveries, employee entrances, trash removal, securing outside gates, and more. Their design has evolved with the help of customer input, seasoned with our decades of experience in the marketplace.

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Most businesses have at least two of the five types of openings:

  • Front entrance
  • Rear entrance or receiving door
  • Emergency exit
  • Restricted access
  • Outdoor area gates

Detex is proud to offer solutions for all these applications.

1. Front Entrance

The front doors are what 99 percent of people see first, so they should be good looking and functional. The Advantex line of superior heavy-duty exit devices from Detex is available in stainless steel, with beautiful yet rugged vapor deposition finishes, and industry-leading electrified options, engineered for high-use and high-abuse life safety and security door hardware applications. Available in rim, mortise, surface vertical rod, and concealed vertical rods, Advantex exit devices are an excellent choice for both function and beauty.

Detex Low Energy Automatic Operators are heavy duty for high-use and high-abuse applications and are easy to install. The AO19 Series meets requirements for ANSI/BHMA A156.19 (American National Standard for Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors) and provides standard features that meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

2. Rear Entrance or Receiving Door

Detex Receiving Door SSHow do you allow employees to walk the trash out or vendors to come in with new product, but still secure this door? A simple solution is the EAX-3500 Hardwired Timed Bypass Door Alarm. This unique alarm is designed for applications where the door needs to be held open for an extended amount of time, but will only do so with the proper management. A manager can activate timed bypass, which bypasses the alarm, allowing an employee to take the trash out or a delivery to be made. After an allotted amount of time, the EAX-3500 will go into alarm, reminding the manager that the door needs to be closed and secured.

For those back doors that don’t really need to be opened except in the case of emergency, but need to be protected from outside break-in attempts, Detex offers the ECL-230X. This unique exit control lock is built to withstand the most aggressive attempt to break through rear doors. The ECL-230X-TDB maximum locking strength multi-point panic hardware is engineered with an extreme-duty, triple-bolt design that, when combined with three hinge side bolts (DX bolts), can withstand 16,000 pounds of pull force.

3. Emergency Exit

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the International Building Code (IBC) both state that doors leading to the outside must allow someone to exit during an emergency without any special knowledge. Enter the Detex Value Series line of secure and durable panic and fire exit hardware. For an economical price, Detex secures emergency exit doors with either the V40 rim device or the V50 surface vertical rod device. Both the V40 and the V50 are fire rated up to three hours.

4. Restricted AccessDetex SS

Such openings might include a door to a stock room or office. How does one allow employees to enter and exit as needed, but keep customers out? Detex’s answer is the ACDxV40EX EasyKit, a code-compliant, industry-proven life safety and security hardware system for high-use, high-abuse doors with a cost-effective access control solution.

For authorized access to the stock room, a code (set by management) will need to be input, bypassing the alarm and allowing entrance for fifteen seconds before the alarm will sound. Employees enter a common access code, temporarily bypassing the alarm and allowing an employee to enter the stockroom without sounding the alarm. A stockroom keypad is no longer required, and the employee can quickly and easily return to the sales floor without fear of an alarm sounding. Customers trying to enter the stockroom will cause an alarm to sound, which can only be reset by an employee entering a common access code.

5. Outdoor Area Gates

Where there’s an outdoor retail space, there’s a security risk. If left unsecured, anyone can walk out with product. If secured wrong, it presents a fire risk. Detex offers the Weatherized Delayed Egress EasyKit. This EasyKit provides a secure locking system with a fifteen-second delay and 100-decibel alarm when someone attempts to exit.

One easy-to-order, easy-to-specify part number includes all the components and support documents needed to install and maintain the Weatherized Delayed Egress components. Two kit configurations are available—one with a weatherized electromagnetic lock and one without. All kits include a logic controller and power supply, Advantex weatherized rim exit device, exterior horn, and keyswitch with exterior cover. Support documentation includes riser illustrations and wiring diagrams.

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