NOW ON DEMAND: Sears’ Positive Experience of Moving Security Tagging from Store to Factory Source

Catalyst will explore their journey with Sears, offering you the opportunity to take an in-depth look into the benefits of source tagging and recirculation. During the hour, you will have the opportunity to hear examples of how moving security tagging from an in-store task to factory source application can save your company MILLIONS of dollars annually. The benefits and return on investment areas you could be taking advantage of cover the following:

  • Reducing and re-assigning labor
  • Shrink reduction
  • Sales lift
  • Minimizing damages
  • Improved morale!

Did you know that owning security tags and applying them in store actually costs retailers $.18 – $.20 cents per tag each and every time they’re used?

Learn more about how you could also save costs and time and ensure each garment is ready and protected the moment it arrives in store! Webinar sponsored by Catalyst and presented by LPM.

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