Se-Kure Controls CEO Roger Leyden Passes

Se-Kure Controls Founder and CEO Roger J. Leyden passed away peacefully with many close friends attending to him in his last weeks at his favorite second home of Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday night March 17, 2020.

According to a company press release, “In 1965, Roger defined and single-handedly created the world of anti-shoplifting devices that has had a positive impact on retailers worldwide to this day. A pioneer in loss prevention, he was a protector in life and in business. The many products he envisioned and then built have protected global retailers for 55 years and have literally prevented countless millions in theft.

“Roger’s legacy at Se-Kure Controls will continue for decades to come. We are proud that our products are made in the USA and because of Roger’s commitment to his companies, his employees, and the retailers we serve, we are on a solid foundation to continue serving our customers.

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“Roger loved his companies and loved his employees. Everything he did focused on Se-Kure and building a better mouse trap as well as a stronger company. Roger made certain we would have what we need to continue what he started. He valued people and wanted to have a work environment that encouraged long-term employment in a family atmosphere.

Laura Greenwell
Laura Greenwell

“Roger mentored and guided Laura Greenwell for over thirty years so that when the time came to pass his torch, she would be ready. Laura has been operating in the capacity of president for a few years now, and it’s in her DNA to protect and support Roger’s vision as she seamlessly leads Se-Kure Controls into its bright future.

“The words we choose to describe the major influences in our lives matter. The greater the impact of friendship, leadership, and spirit of adventure, the more deserving of words like blessing, gift, and exhilarating. Roger was all of these for his employees. It was best written this morning by one of them: ‘…I am very sorry for this big loss. He cared for all of us, and I’m really grateful for that. I hope we continue where he left even stronger.’”

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